Taken in 2013, volunteers at the Benton House food Pantry, helping deliver food to needy members of the Bridgeport community in Chicago. 
Taken in 2014, a man playing the upright bass next to Magdelena Abakanowwicz's Agora sculptures in Chicago's Grant Park. 
Taken in 2013, a man sitting in Chicago's Grant Park. 
Taken in 2013, a blind man standing on the Wabash Bridge over the Chicago River, listening to the sounds of downtown Chicago. 
Taken in 2015, a young man on his laptop computer while riding the El train in Chicago. 
Taken in 2014, two girls somersaulting in the garden of the Lincoln Park's Conservatory in Chicago. 
Taken in 2012, two young tourists posing for a picture on the top of Monkey Mountain, Hong Kong. 
Taken in 2014 at Chicago's Lakeshore park, a rollerblader practices a dance routine for exercise. 
Left: Taken in 2010, Marshall at Starved Rock Nature Preserve in Ogelsby, IL. Right: Taken in 2013, Stephanie in her Logan Square apartment in Chicago. 
Open to the public, the Wuhan Conservatory is one of the top plant research facilities in China. Taken in 2012, a groundskeeper watering green house plants at the Wuhan Conservatory, China.
Tennis is quickly becoming a popular sport in China. Taken in 2012, a woman practicing a routine with a tennis racquet and ball. 
Located in Central China, Wuhan is one of the fastest developing cities in China. Taken in 2012, a man oversees a demolition site, as a backhoe tears down a building. 
Many college students in China, go through the standard military as a requirement for college. Taken in 2012,  a senior year student named Alice, a law student, stands in formation during a Chinese flag ceremony at Huazhong University in Wuhan, China. 
Taken in 2012, a Hubei Museum employee resting on a balcony ledge in Wuhan, China. 
Taken in 2012, a young woman behind a jewelry counter at a night market in Wuhan, China.
Taken in 2012, a self-portrait in a Central Normal University dorm room in Wuhan, China.
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